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At Marine Electric Systems we combine the manufacturing expertise demanded to meet military and commercial specifications with the technology needed to meet the future. Whether your system applications are sea, air or land-based, Marine Electric has the engineering skills to help you meet your challenge. Request a quote.

MES is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Salinity Systems

Our Salinity Systems feature Rapid Temperature Compensation to prevent problems associated with the slow response of cumbersome manual compensation

Temperature Control Panels

Our Temperature Monitoring and Alarm Systems are designed to monitor the performance of diesel engines on naval ships and vessels.

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are electrical position sensing devices with no moving parts which makes them extra-ordinarily reliable.

Navigational Aids

We manufacture a wide range of electrical equipment and custom configured systems for monitoring and controlling navigational aids.

Power Supplies & Chargers

We provide a wide variety of Power Supply equipment from amplifiers to battery charging systems.

Contract Manufacturing

Marine Electric Systems has it’s own manufacturing facilities where we can create customized solutions.