Marine Electric Systems manufactures a wide range of electrical equipment and custom configured systems for monitoring and controlling navigational aids. Commercial and military vessels worldwide carry our equipment. A selection of system components which have broad application are presented here. Customized equipment is always an available option.

Whistle Programmer and Racon Beacon

Navigational Aid Products

Below are a few of the navigational aid products produced by Marine Electric Systems.

Our programmer has been designed to satisfy Coast Guard and International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conference Rules of the Road for automatically sounding ship’s whistles when visibility is restricted due to fog, mist or other weather conditions, day or night. Constructed for the marine environment the whistle programmer features moisture resistance, solid state circuitry housed in a rugged, NEMA 12 enclosure. Push button start and automatic program are included. The unit can be manually operated with an optional bridge hand switch or with a deck hand switch. Programs can be manually set by push button and easily read on alpha-numeric L.E.D. display. 115AC, 50-60HZ input is standard.

The RACON Beacon is a local maritime navigational aid for both commercial and military ships utilizing radar for navigational purposes. It is a transponder beacon that transmits navigation and identification information that is displayed on the radar of the interrogating ship. Operational types are both buoy and fixed land operations transmitting and receiving the X and S radar bands within a 15 mile range.

RACON was designed to operate with maximum efficiency of available power. Proprietary power switching technology and ultra low standby power consumption make this unit ideally suited for solar and battery powered remote operations

This dependable unit has been designed to control and monitor all navigation lights aboard sea going vessels. It incorporates both visual and audible alarms. Heavy duty switches transfer illumination to either lamp in any light location. The panel is approved for all standard voltages AC and DC and meets the requirements of U.S. Coast Guard electrical engineering regulations.

In normal operational use, flashers are contained in Beacon assemblies on buoys or fixed structures in or around the navigable waters of the United States. Marine Electric Systems has been providing the USCG with Flashers for many years. Our programmable design is a single unit that can be used in 16 different lamp flashing rhythms by simply turning a knob. The Flasher design has gone through a barrage of testing, including MIL-STD-202 shock and vibration. It also incorporates automatic illumination control, lamp-out sensor and changer control, reverse-polarity protection, short-circuit protection, and is completely solid-state, with no mechanical components. It can also be set to flash two or more flashers simultaneously.

Let Marine Electric Systems work with you to configure a monitoring and alarm system tailored to your specific needs. Our engineering team offers practical and technical experience that is yours to draw upon.