We provide a wide variety of Power Supply equipment from amplifiers to battery charging systems. Below are some of the types of battery chargers and power supplies we manufacture.

Battery Chargers & Helicopter Starter

  • Multi-Type Lead/ Acid
  • Pulsed
  • Helicopter Starter

Power Supplies & Amplifiers

  • Model B5K
  • Model 28-400UPB
  • Model 28-50 UPB

Power Supply Products

At Marine Electric Systems we manufacture pulse battery chargers, low profile power supplies and multiwire boards.

Type BCP-36-1200 Battery Charger System exceeds the military requirement DOD-C-24529

Pulse Mode charging safely and completely charges the battery system in three to four hours instead of the nominal 8 hour charge.

Pulse charge technology induces a large current, followed by a ‘rest’ period that includes a depolarizing pulse of a negative charge, for a very short duration.

This process reduces the chemical reaction of sulfur build-up on the plate surfaces, thereby increasing the charge absorbing ability of the battery and greatly extending battery service life.

The depolarizing pulse decreases the gas build-up around the plates, increasing current capacity. Simultaneously, the system electronically interrogates the battery’s electrical charge characteristics for any internal leaks or shorts. If damage is detected, the operator is alerted via a visual indicator lamp on the front panel.


  • AC to DC
  • 300 Watts @ 60°C with no fans
  • 350 Watts @ 50°C with no fans
  • Phase Shifted Resonant PWM control
  • High efficiency: 90%
  • Power factor correction: > 98%
  • Full bridge MOSFET main drive allows for transient switching energy to be utilized without the need for power wasting snubbers.


  • Dimension: 7” X 5” X 1.3”
  • Output power: (nominal) 350 Watts @ 25°C ambient. De-rated at 60°C ambient, 300 Watts
  • Voltage output: 48 Volts DC at 6.2 Amperes (continuous @ 60°C).
  • Surge Output Current: 15 Amperes, 5 seconds.
  • Input Voltage Range: 108 – 308 Volts AC, single phase, Power factor corrected.
  • Cooling: Conductive, designed for potted and explosion proof applications.
  • Short Circuit Protection: Continuous
  • Topology: Full bridge switching, dual conversion with current doublers. EMI suppression with a “10 strike” (direct) lightning arrestor.
  • Mean Time to Failure: 45000 hrs (25°C calculated).

Multiwire is an interconnect technology where multiple layers of polyimide- insulated copper wire is embedded in the interlayer insulation of a circuit card by a wiring robot to form circuit nets.

  • Copper-on-copper bonding is stable
  • Wires can be overlaid without shorting to provide complex nets and carefully control impedance and crosstalk.
  • Provides 3-4 times the layer density of current PCB technologies.
  • Duplicates heritage PWB designs in defense systems to extend product life
  • Ideal for complex C4ISR, telecommunications and high performance servers