Our Salinity Systems feature Rapid Temperature Compensation to prevent problems associated with the slow response of cumbersome manual compensation.

Smart Salinity Module – Type IC/SSM

Marine Electric Systems is proud to introduce its “Smart Salinity Module.” The user-friendly microprocessor based module is designed to operate as a self-contained, stand-alone unit.

Each module features:

  • 3 Digit LED Display
  • Continuous real-time PPM or uS/cm salinity readings
  • The ability to accept both MIL-S-15103 Rev D and Rev F salinity cells
  • Individual power supplies for stand alone application
  • User adjustable “Alarm Level Set Point” control with LED “Alarm Indicator”
  • “Meter Test” switch
  • User selectable “Normal/Simulate” function switch
  • Memory storage for up to 24 hours of previous readings in case of power
  • Remote RS-232 communication port for data download for individual
    module or complete system
  • Remote isolated 4-20mA output
  • Remote 0-10 VDC output
  • Remote differential salinity output

The module, when used in a complete system, e.g., IC/SB Panel, adds “Dump” and “Bell” capability while allowing data to be stored, time stamped and cell locations identified. At a push of a button, the stored data can be down loaded to an optional data-logger or printer for trend analysis or ease of trouble shooting problem locations.

As with all Marine Electric System’s sensor devices, the electronics in this product features optional Power Over Ethernet (POE) capability with industry standard Small Network Management Protocol (SNMP ), interface software.

Smart Salinity Module - Type IC/SSM