Marine Electric Systems Temperature Monitoring and Alarm System was designed to monitor the performance of diesel engines on naval ships and vessels. The system consists of measuring the temperatures with thermocouple type temperature sensors directly embedded into each cylinder of a diesel engine.

The optimum temperature of a cylinder in normal operation is around 750 Degree F. The system must constantly monitor this temperature and record its operation. Any deviation of the cylinder temperature is an indication of malfunction. Temperature increase can be caused by improper cooling or high friction due to insufficient oil intake. Temperature drop can indicate loss of control, ignition or fuel delivery problem. So either case must be monitored, reported and alarmed immediately

Temperature Monitoring Panel


We are proud to introduce Galbraith-Pilot Marine® temperature monitoring and alarm systems. They are designed to indicate at a central location, temperatures at a variety of remote locations. Deviations, up or down, from preset temperatures trigger visual and audible alarms signalling a need for corrective action. These rugged and dependable systems have demonstrated proven performance on commercial and military vessels throughout the world but can be used wherever accurate temperature monitoring is required.

Typical applications include temperature monitoring of:

  • Liquids, gases, solids
  • Machinery
  • Cylinders and bearing
  • Compressor discharge
  • Turbo chargers
  • Coolants and lubricants
  • Reactors
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Molds and kilns
  • Pipelines